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Shilen DGA
.308 Winchester

Action: DGA (Damned Good Action)
Barrel: Shilen barrel
Weight: just under 8 lbs
Condition: Excellent/very good
Sights: Leupold 2.5x8 power scope, mounted in Buehler rings and bases


Shilen has always been a respected name in the Benchrest shooting community. Between 1975 and 1980, they became one of the first to release a series of rifles based on a proprietary action of their design, with a Shilen barrel. The DGA (Damned Good Action) actions were made in both singleshot and repeater. A variety of configurations including Sporter, Varmiter, Silhouette, and Benchrest were produced.

This particular rifle is in Sporter configuration, with a repeater action incorporating an M-16 type extractor, a blind magazine and a 24" Shilen barrel. The stock wood on these rifles was always good, but this p[articular one shows exceptional fugure on both sides of the butt, with straight grain through the wrist and fore end as it should be.

The rifle is topped with a Leupold 2.5x8 power scope, mounted in Buehler rings and bases. Optics are clear and bright.

The rifle weighs just under 8 lbs as configured, the LOP is 13.5 to a thin hard rubber butt plate.
Metal condition is near perfect with no marks of note. Wood condition is 98% with what appear to be a couple slight rack marks.

The barrerl is free floated.

All transactions must go through an FFL
A 3 day non-firing inspection is standard
Returns are at the expence of the purchaser including any expences incurred at my end.

Price: $2450.00 (Shipped)